How do I make my website make sense of what I do?

Travel photography, nature, colors, patterns and landscape personalized gifts. I love creating an enormous variety of home decor, fashion and gifts for all occasions. Clients purchase my products from Zazzle, Cafe Press and Society6. I also showcase items on Print All Over Me , Cow Cow and Polyvore.

However! quite honestly, my website,  is not currently able to accurately capture and make sense of what I do! My lofty goal is to have my website actually be the hub for all five stores.  For instance, I post quite a few product pics to Instagram yet to prevent spam, Instagram doesn’t let you post hyperlinks. The work around is to type a hyperlink in the Bio section. My dilemma, as you can see is by posting products to Instagram readers are directed to my website not to the different stores.

My website needs to work for me, not against me. It was also suggested to me that I pick ONE type of product/niche and work with that. That’s like having 5 children and being asked to pick one to go on vacation with me, not happening. A web designer / marketing specialist who understands this is my big 2015 goal. Just the fact that I’m able to accurately state what needs to be done is a huge step, one that I’m very eager to bring into a reality.

I want a website set-up just like my Pinterest page!! Categories for all my products and designs in one easy to navigate page.  Potential clients  and current customers can interact, like, contact and visually enjoy their shopping experience. Wow.

Trendy fashion, tasty food & colorful home decor gifts.
Trendy fashion, tasty food & colorful home decor gifts.

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