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I can help create personalized headphones
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My photography career transitioned to the professional level in 1996 after the birth of my youngest child in August. Rather than purchase Christmas cards, I decided to use a beautiful photo I took of a red rose in snow, one morning after a Boston snow storm in November 1996. I ordered fifty, 6 x 4 color prints, brought glue sticks, purchased envelopes, and card stock, typing my information on the reverse side, just like the big chain greeting card companies and mailed the cards out to friends and family. The cards were a huge success. Almost everyone that received the Christmas cards called or emailed saying how much they loved the photo.

No minimum orders, safe and secure shopping, various shipping options did I mention No minimum orders to create special gift products for friends, family and clients is why I joined Zazzle in 2010.

18 years later and the red rose in snow greeting cards continues to be an annual favorite. The Red Rose in Snow cards are beautifully printed on glossy card stock. Khoncepts focus for the next 17 years was videotaping and editing events and weddings. Video editing also involved a lot of graphic art work especially for the DVD labels. I had to admit I truly enjoyed the process of designing the perfect graphic art for the DVD labels and the videos and made the decision of easing back into doing more photographic work.

Fast forward to November 2012 and to experiencing the most horrible pain one could ever imagine, sciatic nerve pain from herniated discs. Standing, sitting, sleeping, walking, almost 24 hours of unrelenting pain provided the impetus to finally retire from the videotaping portion of the business.

With the help of my daughter/video assistant I barely managed to make it to November 2013 videotaping my last wedding (sad yet happy tears).

Now, that the pain is down to a manageable achy tightness I’m excitedly enjoying this new phase of the business, that of providing “conversational works of wearable and home decor art” worldwide. Periodically, I purchase my product designs to be sure their quality is top notch such as the beautiful personalized business headphones.

I’m pleased and very happy to love the products I’ve ordered and hope you have the same experience with purchases from my Zazzle store.

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