Bermuda Wave on a pink sandy beach

Patiently waiting for it paid off in snapping a perfect moment in time. A huge wave spilling over a large lava rock onto a pink sandy Bermuda  beach. It took a few minutes before the waves crashed over the rock in just the right way. Over in the distance, my family was happily frolicking in the ocean while Mom was, as usual, capturing moments to last forever.

It is such a kick when emails pop into my In Box of like-minded customers who have purchased this image on a variety of products. Most recently a woman in Massachusetts ordered and personalized several coffee mugs.  Personalizing a product is a high compliment as my understanding is it can not be returned.

I’d love to know what moved her to not only buy the mugs but to customize them as well?  Did she buy them for friends, co-workers or family? What did she say on the mugs? Did she have an easy time adding her own touches? I know the story behind the creation of the design. I imagine the story behind the purchase is just as intriguing.

What’s your story? 🙂

Bermuda Wave Customized Coffee Mug.
Bermuda Wave Customized Coffee Mug.

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