Wonderful Wednesday: The Nazca Booby

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We were followed by several unusual brown and white seabirds while cruising to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It took quite a few tries as they swooped and dived before capturing any decent images. It would be a few weeks after returning to Boston that I was able to Google the name of the bird using the search term: what is a brown and white seabird with a long white beak.  Thirty minutes later scrolling all the images I found it!

A Nazca Booby

My highly anticipated return trip to San Juan was enjoyable full of exciting sounds and sights like the very weirdly wonderful Nazca Booby bird. Funny side note, when adding tags in Celeste’s gift products on Zazzle, the word booby was flagged. They offered me the choice of making the poster PG-13 or change the word. Booby was removed. 🙂

San Juan, Puerto Rico scenic images.
San Juan, Puerto Rico scenic images.



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