Gluten free – Saturday Fish fry

Fried foods aren’t totally deleted from my meal plans. From time to time I really have to have a change from grilled foods. Today was the day to experiment with using gluten free coconut flour.

Five ingredients total and less than 10 minutes later I had a surprisingly tasty lunch.

Coconut flour
seasoning of choice
a bit of oil
Vegetable – I chose spinach

Heat a pan with a bit of cooking oil, clean the fish, pour the flour into a container, place the fish right side up, season, flip and coat opposite side, season.

I like to take a few drops of water to check the readiness of the oil before placing the fish skin side down first. The presentation isn’t the best but the end result more than made up for it.

The smell was simply AMAZING! I admit that there was just a little concern using coconut flour but I was sold on the first bite. My gluten free, egg free, almost oil free recipe may need a tweak or two but I’m not exactly sure what that would be. lol.

Suggestions are welcome!

Experimented with gluten free flour
Experimented with gluten free flour

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