Saturday Success: Re-purposing existing art designs

What do you do when you have hundreds of posted art designs and you are fresh out of new ideas? Recently, I found myself sitting at my desk, hands in my lap, staring at my computer which had my software editing screen up and ready to go.

Rather than panic, I’ve learned to sit and relax, breathing in and out and being still for a few minutes. Occasionally, a total break from designing proves helpful in getting a few ideas flowing. In this instance, the thought popped in my mind to use my existing designs in another way. Rather than create totally brand new graphic art pieces, the idea of re-purposing a few existing art designs seemed very exciting.

Ok, so I have the idea of using designs I already have but now the big question was use them how?? and literally seconds later, it came to me! Package the fashion designs with matching greeting cards, invitations, wrapping paper and gift bags for starters.

Several hours later I had a new online specialty store, Klothing Khoncepts,  featuring the first approved item – a greeting card invitation for a women’s weekend getaway with her friends. Customers can personalize the text to fit their special occasion. The graphics on the card are actual fashion designs found in my other online stores.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to take “old” artwork and successfully re-purpose graphics into something beautifully “new”.

Girls weekend away invitation design
Girls weekend away invitation design

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