Trendy custom designed sneakers

Trendy sneakers, Low tops, high tops, stripes, abstracts, geometric prints all types of designs!  Which conversational fashion art design will complement your outfits. Imagine having customized sneakers that are just for you!

Stylishly super Saturday sneakers!

It’s beyond exciting to once again design high and low top sneakers for men and women.
Let’s collaborate using your favorite color combos for next year’s vacation plans.


It’s a gray, gray day

It takes a lot to overshadow my normal optimism however today was that day. I received an email that I could only bear to read the first paragraph before placing in a special folder to maybe read at some point whenever. If ever. Reading lots of you, you, you is not my idea of how to tell someone how you feel. It puts me on the defensive so rather than read it all and respond I am removing it to a special spot. If they really need a response they can contact me. We can then set up guidelines on how to discuss whatever needs to be discussed. It took me a while to get back on an even keel and that’s where I intend to remain.:-)

A gray day with gray everywhere
A gray day with gray everywhere

Big bold colorful rainbow stripes for Mom and Baby

There’s nothing worse than sending your child to daycare only to pick her at the end of the day to find that someone permanently “borrowed” their handmade crochet baby blanket. True story.  Now, creating eclectically fun and uniquely designed baby gifts such as this vibrantly colorful rainbow stripes diaper bag online is amazing. Personalizing with a name  or special text will help the daycare provider know whose bag belongs to who. Mom can enjoy a fun bag with complementary flips, earrings and necklace.

My granddaughter just told me she likes pastels so up next is re-designing this print for her baby due this December. G Ma is on it!

Fashion for Mom and baby
Fashion for Mom and baby


Wearable Wednesday: Trendy Matching Accessories for Mom and Baby

It would have been so exciting to have been able to create coordinating diaper bags, bibs, burp clothes and more when I had my four children. All I could do back then was sew a few cute items. Now with the influx of online print on demand Khoncepts print designs, it is amazing to design, create, order and ship custom color colored trendy, yet usable accessories for Mom and baby. Especially with all the grand babies, great grandchildren and baby showers of their friends and no minimum orders!

What are their favorite colors!!

Accessories for Mom and Baby

Fashion Friday: Multi-purpose Tote Bag

It’s that time of year when the annual decision of a Holiday theme gift for most of the young ladies in my family is close. Quality crafted tote bags designed  made of lightweight, poly poplin fabric fit the bill. Adding a few special presents specific for that person along with , matching tissue paper and a gift tag. Voila!

The gift that keeps on giving.

Gift Bag Alternatives!
Stunning Gift Bag!
Personalize gift tag
Personalize gift tag


Mardi Gras stars #4509

Another fun photo project. One year there were about 5 different delicious King Cakes at my job and it occurred to me to actually take a photo of one using my iPad. I cropped it closely capturing just the green, purple and gold creating this inspired Mardi Gras Stars #4509 design used on home decor and fashion attire.

I had to look this up which is the great thing about blogging, providing a bit of detail to my photos. Green is for faith, gold represents power and purple stands for justice.  🙂

Mardi Gras colored inpired gift products
colors of a King Cake

Mardi Gras stars #4509

Mardi Gras stars #4509

What’s in your home and closet!!

Saturday Save: 28 year old Daycare Artwork

Saving artwork for 4 children for 12 years was not something I was inclined to do lol. I made sure I took photos of all their work saving only a very few special ones that I still have today!

The photo below is artwork my son did in pre-school when he was 4 years old. 28 years later it still remains in my files. It took a bit of cleaning up in Photoshop but I think I was pretty successful. Once the bits of dirt and scotch tape was removed I added a little bit of tapestry filter updating it just a bit.

Next week will be a few home decor and gift product images with his design as a basis. Any proceeds will go into a special account for his daughter Adrianna. 🙂

What have you done with your children’s drawings.