Friday Fashion: His and Her Black and White Diamonds

Bold black background with floating white diamond shapes. Perfect for fashion for her and totally great accessories for him. There’s just something special about the clean elegance of black and white print designs.

Black and White Fashion for Him and Her
His and Her Fashions – Black and White

Wet, tropical, Boston December morning

I arrived to my destination a hot, wet, sticky mess due to the almost tropical damp Boston weather this morning, the day before Christmas. I enjoy almost two miles of beautiful scenery each morning and always wear walking clothes because I know I will need to change out of them into dry “work” outfits.

Below are 15 colorful, holiday photos I took using my iPad Pro on a very dreary, December morning. I have no idea who or what I’d be if I couldn’t take pictures of things that bring a smile to my face and elevates my spirit.

What grounds you and brings special joy to your life?
Photo collage of pretty Christmas decorations on a misty morning

Saturday Smile! customized area rug

You have a new space such as an office. You have a nice budget to personalize your space with unique furnishings and now it’s time to decorate.

A gorgeous area rug would be a wonderful accent piece. Much like a gorgeous framed photo. You can search for hours on the internet or you could consider providing me your three favorite colors.

Another fab alternative is to email a personal photo. I would adjust as needed and send you a preview of the final design before purchase.

Spending the majority of our time in a gorgeous work environment can only increase our creativity yes!

My handy design consultation form is Design Consultation Form.

6x4 black white and red ellipticals area rug by

Sunday smile – Attic redo

#SundaySmile Sometimes Weddings are followed by babies, grand babies and in my case a Great grand baby! Due to some family shuffling and merging I’ve redone my home to accommodate and am now up in my beautiful, 85% finished quiet attic with walk-in closet, office, living room and shown here bedroom space featuring my duvet graphic art design. I am officially in love. 😍😍😍