Black and Gold Spirals iPhone Case

Last week I purchased black cardboard paper and gold metallic magic marker with the intention of actually hand draw a design vs digitally manipulating images. I ended up doing both and hand drawing and drawing on my iPad. The reason I ended up using my iPad is because scanning the black construction paper ended up with flecks of red and not true black. Ugh! The iPad color looked more bronze than gold, so while I was looking at both, trying to decide which to use, in walked in my 19 year old son who took one look at the construction paper drawing and he said he loved it and wanted a new iPhone 6/6s case with the design.

It took me a week, off and on, tweaking the colors on the black and gold to be, well, more black and gold. I just emailed my son the design and am waiting for final word on if we’re placing an order or not. Having a teen love a design is in itself, gold!

Black and gold metallic hand drawing
Black and gold metallic hand drawing


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