Sunday: Shower curtain birthday memento

My Dad will be 84 years old this July! He is thankfully pretty healthy, causing trouble while being charming in his Memory Care living facility.
Dad currently has a private room and bath but little space for anything other than what is already in his room. As the eldest child and the only girl, I’m practical and creatively thoughtful hence the birthday BBQ shower curtain gift. One of my brothers designed the invite and I added everything I could remember that my Dad has been called, mainly Hey Hey Joe 🙂

The big event will be held outdoors at my cousin’s beautiful home and the curtain will be the backdrop for fun, family photos with Dad, his friends, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and his new great-great granddaughter.

I’m also considering having everyone sign the curtain. What do you think about that idea? Let me know in the poll.

Shower curtains as photo backdrops
Dad’s new shower curtain birthday memento


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