Traveling Tuesday: My last name is Sheffey

Trip of a lifetime, other than my brothers, parents and Grandmother, I never knew anyone else with the last name of Sheffey. Fast forward to 2008 when I heard about and joined Facebook where a whole new world of Sheffeys magically appeared. Hundreds of them, all across the country. 2009 I started the “My Last Name is Sheffey” Facebook page. It’s surreal connecting with Sheffeys online and meeting actual cousins in real life, July 30, 2015. They drove in from Tennessee and we drove in from Maryland, meeting them in Wytheville, VA where our Grandfather was born. My brothers, cousins and I all had a wonderful lunch at the Log House Restaurant built in 1782.

After a delicious, leisurely lunch, we said our good-byes to our cousins and then went to find The Sheffey Elementary School and Sheffey School Road. It was so exciting hopping out of the car to take photos under the street sign and then in front of the school!! Two less bucket list items crossed off my list.
Whoo Hoo.

The Sheffey Elementary School
A five year dream come true.

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