Sunday: Spring Showers Rain Gear – behind the scenes look

Bringing cheer, smiles and a bit of joy by wearing a beautifully designed graphic art raincoat with the matching umbrella. It occurred to me that other day, that I had a variety of raincoats being sold in one online store and umbrellas in another store, however, when I checked, I noticed that none of them coordinated with each other. How could that be 🙂

Colorful matching rain gear for her
Colorful matching rain gear for her


Long story made short, I was suppose to be in Maryland visiting my Dad the weekend of the Boston Marathon but was too sick travel. There was no way, in good conscience I could take a 9 hour bus ride down and back sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. My 83 year old Dad also appreciated that I kept my sick self in Boston. So although I was disappointed in not taking my annual April trip to the Beltway,  I unexpectedly had a nice long holiday weekend to do a bit of “work” which as most artists will tell you, is not really work at all. It’s a “labor” of love.

It took most of the day to create six eye-catching coordinating rain gear sets using existing artwork. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process:

  • adding the right type of art to product in both stores Celeste Sheffey on PAOM and Khoncepts on Cowcow so that it is the proper size
  • naming the product
  • entering keywords to the design so it can be found online
  • posting it for sale
  • grabbing the webpage link of the product
  • add each product to my 481 page word document (and counting)
  • adding the webpage link to the product in my document
  • each product has a description and keywords
  • a draft promo of new items is created to share on social media (as shown below)
  • items are posted on website
  • blog overviews are drafted

All in all, a fabulous (although sick) day of art, creativity, promotion and enjoyment.

Which set would you choose to have!

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