Travel Tuesday: Pink Bonsai Plant

Spring visit to The National Arboretum
Visiting The Nationl Arboretum in DC

As a parent with school kids, my vacations were always based around school vacations. School vacations included visiting family in Maryland which is a great time to go for that part of the country lol. Just before it starts to melt in the summer heat.

My youngest child was 17 years old in April 2013 decided that he would still like to come with me to visit my Dad who,  at that time was living in his own apartment in an assistant living facility, but was suffering from growing dementia.  On one of those days, son spent the night with a few cousins and I each took a day to hang out with my cousin Bill who is also an avid photographer.

The National Arboretum was selected, 1) I’d never been there  in all my years of visiting MD/DC and 2) he mentioned there would be scenic and fragrant paths to walk and plenty of spring flower displays for photos.

The Arboretum was all he said it would and pictures like this marvelous ornamental pink Japanese bonsai tree greeting card continue to be online favorites.

Sunday Sales Summary: Island life

Popular postcards featuring Hawaii and Sint Maarten
Last week’s popular product sales summary

It’s totally amazing how, 7 and 9 years later these Hawaii and Sint Maarten postcard photographs continue to be favorites of clients worldwide. Do the images evoke fond memories? or are they shots of places they’ve visited and possibly are now enjoying a different viewpoint?

Thank you for the splendid purchases. You inspire me to continue seeing and snapping my version of the world.



A bowl of gummy bears

A colorful bowl,of gummy bears

I get teased all the time by my friends and family on the types of pictures they see me take and that’s because “I see art everywhere”.
Literally, almost everything I see is translated, in my mind, into something else.

This extremely colorful bowl of gummy bears have become, conversational art pieces such as wall clocks, duvet covers, throw pillows and more.

It’s quite a bit of fun using a regular photo and seeing it become something else entirely.

Large wall tapestry with a slightly different gummy bear design

Fashion Friday: Green and dark blue gummy bears

Do you love gummy bears?

Candy transformed into abstract art
Green and dark blue gummy bears abstract designed tote bag.

A colorful lime green bowl of multi-colored gummy bears transformed into a beautiful star shaped hexagon patterned tote bag that comes in 3 sizes. No calories and good for you too.

Our highly quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight, poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. They are washable with original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1″ wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.

Design by

Beautiful ways to personalize wall clocks

Beautifully designed wall clocks are almost like hanging a piece of fine art that also tells time. Picture creatively decorating each room of your home with uniquely artistic wall clocks. Round or square, customize by adding names, dates or photos to personalize each clock as your own.

Go wild! Treat your eyes to a visual feast of your very favorite colors or patterns each morning before you head to work. Smile as you head home knowing you will soon be entering your own personal paradise of colors and designs either at home, the office or even your dorm room.

Best of all, there are no set-up fees and the minimum order is just one!

Lucerne, Switzerland with it’s gorgeous green pastures and idyllic scenery makes a beautiful wall clock. What photos do you have that would be fantastic as a clock?

Transforming a hot pink rose into floating triangles

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Spending hours, days and one case, weeks looking online for the perfect pattern rug for my new office space was not my idea of a good time. Finally, I said, “self, do what you love and create the pattern yourself using your favorite colors”. I did and the end result was beautifu1.  My preference is to use pictures as the basis for many of my art projects, creating unique, conversational inspired home decor gift products and fashion designs.

Which rooms are you trying to decorate?
What home decor items are you looking for?
Are your color selections hard to find?

Send me a photo or your deeply favorite color combos.

Above is  a beautiful hot pink cabbage rose photograph transformed into shades of hot pink floating triangles home decor.

Fashion Friday: Midnight Black Square Dress


80% of my closet contains black clothes and I’m sure that’s true of quite a few of us.

I love this dress style and figured why not create a black one!

Now you too can be the center of attention in this gorgeous dress.

It just occurred to me that this would be a super wonderful and very affordable bridesmaid dress for a lovely Bohemian wedding.

Contact me if you love the style and send me your wedding colors.


Fashion Friday: Deep purple fashion attire for him and her

Deeply rich jewel toned purple fashion attire for him and her including swimsuits and casual wear for him and her. Have fun on your cruise, vacation or honeymoon trip wearing these complementary rich jewel tone purple outfits.

Please note every piece is custom made taking approximately 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Send me your wedding colors and let’s see if we can create something wonderful for you.

matching honeymoon swimwear for him and her
Dark purple swimwear for him and her.