Travel Tuesday: Pink Bonsai Plant

Spring visit to The National Arboretum
Visiting The Nationl Arboretum in DC

As a parent with school kids, my vacations were always based around school vacations. School vacations included visiting family in Maryland which is a great time to go for that part of the country lol. Just before it starts to melt in the summer heat.

My youngest child was 17 years old in April 2013 decided that he would still like to come with me to visit my Dad who,  at that time was living in his own apartment in an assistant living facility, but was suffering from growing dementia.  On one of those days, son spent the night with a few cousins and I each took a day to hang out with my cousin Bill who is also an avid photographer.

The National Arboretum was selected, 1) I’d never been there  in all my years of visiting MD/DC and 2) he mentioned there would be scenic and fragrant paths to walk and plenty of spring flower displays for photos.

The Arboretum was all he said it would and pictures like this marvelous ornamental pink Japanese bonsai tree greeting card continue to be online favorites.


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