Rainy day umbrella featuring gorgeous swirls of purples blues and greens inspired by the colors of the peacock

Graffiti art inspired by the beautiful plummage of the peacock.
Graffiti art inspired by the beautiful plumage of the peacock.

Rainy day umbrella featuring gorgeous swirls of purples blues and greens #4738 inspired by the colors of the peacock.

by celeste@khoncepts.com

Travel Tuesday: Spirit of Detroit gold charm

"The Spirit of Detroit is a city monument with a large bronze statue created by Marshall Fredericks and located at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, USA."
Fantastic visit of downtown Detroit, Michigan

Planning a trip to a new place for me involves 3 things:

1) How will I get there?
2) Will I be able to purchase a gold charm for my bracelet of the city, state or country I am visiting?
3) What are the top things I must do while I’m there?

When  I first wrote this short list, I wrote it in a more sensible way but it wouldn’t have been true, for me, so yes #2 comes before touring. Once I’ve booked a trip, my next step is googling and calling jewelry shops in the area, to be sure they actually have the gold charms in the store. I do not want to order them online. Where is the sporting fun in that? 🙂

I was totally and pleasantly blown away during my first two hours of visiting downtown Detroit! The Riverfront was amazingly scenic, the restaurants were plentiful and there were statues everywhere. In fact, by the time my friends showed me The Spirit of Detroit statue, I almost passed up the opportunity to snap a quick shot. Luckily, I took two quick ones and kept it moving. Did I mention it was a surprisingly hot and sunny Saturday June morning and I had traveled 17 hours from Boston, MA to Detroit by Amtrak? Yes indeed.

We celebrated Father’s Day with a delicious BBQ feast in their gorgeous tree lined suburban backyard home while planning out our next few days that included finding a jeweler who had charms in stock. Surprisingly, I could not find one online store located in the downtown Detroit area that had gold charms.

Gold charm mission excitedly accomplished right in their neighborhood. I called ahead my first day in town and the salesman was nice enough to text me a photo of the charm which turned out to represent “The Spirit of Detroit”. I’m glad I listened to my intuition as I know have a photo of the statue and it’s sister charm.

Happy conclusion to a whirlwind six day visit.


Sunday Sales Summary Smiles : Purple, Pink and Orange Tie Dye

Hot pink neon purple and orange tie dye home decor bathroom accessories very reminiscent of the 60's.
Pink, purple and orange tie dye bathroom home decor.

Purple, pink and orange tie dye bath mat. A client, in Massachusetts, happily imagined this vibrantly stunning purple, hot pink and bright orange tie dye bath mat in her home and purchased a few pieces of the set. Wow!

•Quick-drying foam core, SBR non-skid backing.
•Machine wash in cold water at gentle cycle. Use mild detergent, tumble dry low, shake to restore fluff, do not bleach, wash separately, do not use fabric softener.

By celeste@khoncepts.com

Creatively designed luggage bags for your business, trademark shows or family vacations

Creatively designed luggage bags for your business, trademark shows or family vacations. You can choose to personalize existing designs I’ve created or I can assist you with personalizing your own special made bag using the color selections provided along with your text or family photo. 

The bag featured here is my new Khoncepts carry on luggage bag. It arrived perfectly packaged and printed exactly the image I uploaded.

Colorfully personalized custom luggage bag
Personalize our luggage with your text or family photo

Travel Tuesday: Belle Isle Michigan

Six months of planning and I was there, for my first visit to Detroit!  I’d heard mostly bad things about Detroit but I was very pleasantly surprised to see how modern and clean it was downtown. I’ll save The Riverfront for another post. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Before we headed 45 minutes out to the suburbs, my friend and her husband decided to go show me Belle Island. I paid the $14.00 sticker fee which they can now enjoy for the next twelve months and I made sure to see, photography and videotape as much as I could while we were there.

Very few people, picturesque cotton clouds, bright blue sky, aqua blue water and good friends to share the experience with me.


Sunday Sales Summary beautifully striped all occasion pastel colors men’s neck tie

All occasion, beautifully striped, pastel men's tie
Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary
        • Today’s Sunday Sales Summary features a beautifully striped, all occasion, pastel colors men’s neck tie. Sold in Canada!!
        • I’d love to know what event it was worn to?

Wedding, business outfit for fun baby reveal ?

  • **Now available in double-sided printing! Personalize using the “Design Area” to the right to customize.
  • Additional cost for second side printing.
  • Dimension: 55″ long, 4″ wide (at widest point).
  • Printed in vibrant full color.
  • 100% polyester, with a silky finish.
  • Dry clean only.
  • No minimum order quantity!

Fashion Friday: Pastel color chalk transformed into artistic ladies tote bag fashion accessories

Quality crafted pastel colored chalk tote bags
Photographic art transformed into wearable art.

Fashionably fun, quality crafted, pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory. Inspired by a random board painted with light colored chalk while strolling around downtown Ann Arbor during a first visit to Michigan.

My friend was like what are you taking a picture of?

LOL, After a fantastic 7 day visit, now she gets me.

Turn chalk colors into a ladies bag
Fashionably fun quality crafted pastel chalk tote bag ladies accessory

Travel Tuesday – Texas: red face duck

Red face duck

Spotting a very unattractive, exotic looking red bumped faced duck was exciting! Apparently, they are not well received in Texas but are now populating portions of the state. This one was relaxing in Joske Pavillion in San Antonio.

Wikipedia – Muscovey Duck has a nice write-up regarding the species.

Sunday Sales: Sold to me!

Personalizing carry-on luggage bags
Very pleased to be able to customize and brand my new luggage carry-on bag!

Super Sunday Sale made by me buying my very own branded luggage bag. I really like the following features:

  • Colors were true to the image uploaded
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 16″ x 8.5″ (cabin proof)
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs; Volume: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Includes TSA approved lock (I’m not sure I will ever use the locks lol)
  • Material: 100% hard shell polycarbonate; super lightweight & impact resistant (appears easy to clean)
  • 360° double spinner wheels
  • Retractable telescopic handle is lightweight with multi-stage locking heights
  • High & lateral handle designed for easy maneuverability
  • Fully lined interior contains multiple mesh & sealed pockets (yes) for improved packing as well as a lid compartment & compression straps for securing & organizing packed items

I’m super excited and all set for my next trip at the end of the month.