Saturday and still slugging away on my iPad

I thought icloud saved my iPad images
iPad and icloud

My fault for not keeping up with clearing off my iPad by transferring images to an external hard drive. I thought I was being so cool by paying a small monthly fee to upload them my icloud account. Imagine my absolute distress to discover that deleting them from my iPad also deletes them from icloud.

This meant recovering:

  • over 1000 images back to my iPad,
  • checking my file upload folders
  • and once confirmed I did have each one on my external drive
  • deleting it again from my iPad

One week later I’m down from 2786 images to 876 photos and 34 videos.

I love looking at them on my iPad and contemplating graphic designs to apply but lesson learned. They have to go. I can always download them back to work on at a later time.