Wednesday Wall Art – Metal

Re-creating your children's art in metal wall hangings.
Why it’s a great idea to scan and save your children’s artwork

Don’t just toss their papers. Once they are scanned into digital jpg format you can then re-create them into magnificent works of art. This photo is a watercolor my son did it 1988. It’s one of very few originals I still have but it’s condition is deteriorating so I’m glad I scanned and saved it in my files there was not feelings guilt once I decided to “release” them to my now grown children or the recycle bin.

If you live in the Boston area, I’ll be happy to work with you to scan all of your families memorable works of art!.


Travel Tuesday: work of art bus stop

Work,of art bus stop
Tree trunk bus stop seats. How cool and artistic and it’s not even made of wood! One of my favorite files of images are the different bus stops in the USA and in other countries.

Here is an very well written post on the artist Dionicio Rodriguez.