Throwback Thursday: home office transformations

Behind the scenes look of a few personal office transformations
A glimpse of 3 out of 6 home office transformations do overs

Sharing a few brief snapshots of my work spaces. Originally, my focus was on photography, then in 2010 gradually transitioned to mainly videotaping and editing almost three thousand of hours of events each year while holding clients meetings in my equipment filled former living room space which although decorated differently, still has the beautiful red wall.

I was searching for a photo of my workable but totally not so nice, truthfully it was crappy, 1996 – 2006 basement space where I managed to get loads of work accomplished but I’m guessing I just never took any photos. LoL. The basement is now a very nice spot but being a naive, new homeowner, I had no idea it would have been a good idea of installing soundproofing before the ceiling was done. Hearing every little sound and footsteps over my head drove me nuts.

However, now, for the first time since 1998, after making the best decision ever, it is such a pleasure no longer melting in blazing tropical attic heat.  I had central air installed in 2015 and am eternally grateful and absolutely love “working” for hours and hours in my made-over (for the 2nd time),  4th floor attic space.  Due to medical challenges, creating home decor such as the black, white and red rug and travel gift products online is my life now . “Top of the world Ma, top of the world”

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