Elegant black and bronze 2017 Calendar

Elegantly designed black and bronze 2017 calendar. Each month features an eye catching pattern. At the end of the year, don’t toss it, re-purpose by framing your favorites.

I created the music using Garage band Pro on my iPad Pro app. this way I know my music is original and can’t be removed for using someone else’s tunes. Learning Garage Band is still a work in progress but I’m close while having a bit of fun. The slideshow was done using my newly purchased Perfect Video app, done on my first try in under an hour!

Happy Birthday Photo Backdrop Memento

Other than a quick ironing touch-up, (don’t judge – we lugged it from Boston to Maryland) everyone loved the my personalized shower curtain as Dad’s 84th BBQ birthday party backdrop!

We ended up moving the curtain behind Dad and taking really nice family photos and the best part is Dad now has a uniquely usable birthday gift for his small, assisted living space along with memories of a successful family event featuring Dad meeting his great-great granddaughter – yes, 5 generations !

Unique idea for birthday backdrop
Clever idea of using a shower curtain as an event backdrop

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Rose pink and light blue calendar for girls and boys

Light pink and blue graphic designed calendar would make a beautiful addition to a baby’s bedroom for girl and boy twins.

Each month features a uniquely eye catching pattern. At the end of the year, frame your favorites!

This pattern print can also be created on various electronics and home décor items such as wall clocks, duvet covers, pillows and baby blankets.

Creating a 12 month hot pink calendar with matching home decor – what was I thinking?

Lots of photographs, loads of graphic art of those photographs and now I have somewhere to combine them into one glorious product – a 12 month calendar!

But what was I thinking?? LOL I had a specific idea in mind, using a colorful collage as the cover of the calendar, featuring each image of the collage for the months January to December.

Sounded easy yes? No. 🙂

  • It took a while to choose and/or create a total of 12 pictures for the months as well as, the front and back cover for 14 altogether.
  • Each one had to be named for easy uploading so that were in the order I needed them to be for the calendar
  • Several hours later,  all were photos were properly sized
  • Each image was entered one by one and looking good as they fit the calendar template per month
  • Calendar was titled
  • Description written and copied to my arts summary document (over 600 pages)
  • Keywords chosen
  • Acknowledged all art was mine
  • and hit post for sale
  • Part 3 – social media postings and website updates

My family stopped commenting on how this makes me so happy. I hope my calendars and matching home decor items brings you a bit of joy as well and yes, I’m setting up new work files for more calendars!

Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs
Hot Pink Cabbage Rose 2017 Calendar Designs

Combining photography with graphic art
Graphics transforming photography into art.

Travel Tuesday: The National Cathedral of African Methodism

Discoveries while walking on side streets in DC
Photo of The National Cathedral of African Methodism

Planning Dad’s 84th BBQ birthday party from Boston, MA to be held in Maryland was a year long was another very “successful” endeavor. According to all who attended they had a great time including me and my 16 family members who traveled from Boston to Maryland to celebrate their Pop’s, Great Granddad and Great Great Granddad’s birthday. Yes 5 generations!! Even though we’ve done this for years, this was the first year we had to stay in a hotel.

I decided that it would be fun to stay right in DC. As a former employee, one of my granddaughter’s secured us a fabulous rate with The Westin, 1400 M Street. The location was perfect for us. The Washington Monument was a leisurely 15 minute walk away and as it turns out quite a few interesting historic buildings like The Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E) Church.  were right down the street. Staying in DC gave me the opportunity to show my youngest (19yrs old) how to navigate the city by noticing the streets are numbered /lettered. He was impressed. 🙂

Taking a breather before planning Dad’s next birthday.

Sunday Sales: Switzerland Souvenirs

There is only one regret I have regarding my fantastic August 2009 ten day motor bus London to Rome trip that included passing through Lucerne, Switzerland was not thinking to purchase a gold Switzerland while I was in Lucerne for two nights.

It’s super exciting that I was able to take such timeless images that folks still enjoying 8 years later from Zazzle Store.

Highlight Photo collage of a visit to Lucerne Switzerland
Beautiful photo collage of Lucerne, Switzerland

Fashion Friday: Pink, Orange and Yellow melting and blending into one another

Smile as you walk in the rain twirling shades of pinks, oranges and yellows
Pink, Orange and Yellow colors swirling, blending, melting into one another, creating this beautiful, conversational umbrella!

Pair them with matching low top sneakers!



Pink, orange and yellow raincoat Pink, Orange and Yellow colors swirling, blending, melting into one another, creating this beautiful, conversational raincoat. What a wonderful option for those women who love funtastic rainy day fashion.

By celeste@khoncepts.com
Pink, orange and yellow water colors

Travel Tuesday: website visitors from the Ukraine and Italy

My website host, provides very easy to read statics on where my site visitors come from and it was quite fun to see the first two cities were in the Ukraine. My brother’s DNA testing shows we have connections in that region and I’ve actually been to Italy, although not Milan. I think I’ll do some research on Kiev and am looking forward to seeing my DNA test results to see if mine can shed more light on our genealogy and tie in specific areas.

Website hosting companies site statics
Website statics are informative and fun to read

We hope you feel better soon greeting card using a photograph of purple African Daisies

“We hope you feel better soon” greeting card using a photograph of purple African Daisies. I love taking photos of colorful flowers using my iPad and using a variety of apps for the background and font for the text. It came to me when I took the photo that someone needed to know that I hope you feel better soon!

We Hope You Feel Better Soon Card
We Hope You Feel Better Soon Card

by CelesteSheffey