The process of creating the “Yellow Teddy Bear Floral Calendar”

Teddy Bear Sunflower 1863 Collage Calendar

Transforming a beautiful photograph of a fluffy, pillowy looking bright yellow Teddy Bear Sunflower into a stunning 12 page calendar. Each month of the calendar features a new graphic art designed from this incredible floral photo shown on the last page.

Once an image is selected:

  • 14 total patterns for each wall calendar are composed
  • each new pattern is sized to fit the calendar page
  • patterns are chosen and named for each month in the files for easier uploading
  • collages are created for the front and sometimes the back of each calendar
  • 12 prints are then uploaded to the online calendar – one for each month, as well as the cover and back pages
  • is inconspicuously added to the very bottom of each design

and yes, I love the entire process and thought it’s be even more entertaining to learn how to create and also add music, appropriate to the pattern.


Music by using GarageBand
Art By

Zazzle Store:
Café Press Store:
Society6 Store:

Standard YouTube License

Page with additional calendar with music videos

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