Sunday Sales Summary: Images of Boston, MA

I’ve sold my images and graphics using print on demand sites since December 2005. Khoncepts on was actually my first POD site.  For the last 8 months I’ve been looking at ways to reach more customers. This has been a bit tricky as the sites where I happily sell my art are the ones that capture client email addresses.

I’ve been trying out different methods that fit my laid back personality yet will reach a broader client base. Many months prior to major surgery (Sept 9th) I was investigating methods of email list building using my current Godaddy website host  but recovering from surgery has proved to be almost more than I can handle at the moment. Tip to those who are “looking into email marketing”, make it happen. Get help and figure it out so that should the unthinkable happen, your marketing systems will be in place and working for you during the times when you can’t.

Many thanks to the customers for your Boston t-shirt purchases!


Take the poll below choosing the Print on Demand sites you use.

Top sellers from my CafePress store
Top sellers from my CafePress store

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