Khoncepts green, white and red orbs as fashion wear

One year, I had a bit of fun investigating some of my computer’s free programs to see what was available for creative use. I clicked the start button, programs, accessories and spotted Paint! After a bit of trial and error, I managed to figure out how to use the built in selections such as the ellipse button.

These red, green and white orbs were designed by overlaying lots of elliptical spheres. I next used the bucket of paint feature by “pouring” either red or green paint to fill in the spheres.

Next, I click the word Image and opened the Attributes option to see that I could then resize the image and adjust the pixels. I normally start with width (7200) x height (7200) with a dpi of 300 for all of my new designs and then I create a file folder to add different sizes for the one image depending on the product i.e. shoes, kimonos, jewelry, tote bags umbrellas or, home decor. Many years later, It’s still entertaining to revisit older art files to see how they translate to new products in my 6 stores.

Khoncepts green, white and red orbs
Fashionable red, green and white orbs pattern design

Khoncepts green, white and red orbs by khoncepts featuring flats