Wearable Wednesday: Red and Green Graphic Fashion Wear and Accessories

Freehand doodling, oil painted paper, watercolor prints, transformed into gorgeous kaleidoscope designs using several favorite software programs. Full disclosure, I still use  Microsoft Digital Suite 2006 on a daily basis, in addition to my iPad apps and still learning my way around PhotoShop Elements 13 on my MAC.

Below is an amazing red and green kaleidoscope pattern I first made in 2010. I’m so happy to see how well it continues to translate to a variety of products such as the brand new umbrella, weekend bag and ballet flats! 8 weeks into what’s turning into a long recovery from neck surgery and it’s the little things like being able to sit up for an hour or so a day and dabbling using older designs to create new home and fashion accessories. Once the pain meds kick in though, it’s nap time which is the majority of my day. Wouldn’t this make a beautiful winter bridesmaid’s dress?

Khoncepts red and green graphic fashions
Stunning red and green graphic art fashion wear and accessories