Red, green and white striped home decor and fashion ideas

After surgery, in between pain medicines and antibiotics, naps after the meds, trying not to feel sorry for myself and being a formerly, outgoing, active traveler I still have to dig deep, deep into my creative spirit to craft new art work. Thank goodness for my Artsadd Store.  I now have six online stores.  Adding artwork to my newest shop’s gift products has been relatively uncomplicated but still takes an entire day ore two to create and showcase new designs due to my current health issues.

Celebrating Christmas has always been a low key event with my large family. Lots of food and small gifts is the norm. This year, I just don’t know but I love this new striped design, as it incorporates the colors associated with the holiday but is not overly shouting it’s Christmas!! I also discovered red, green and white represent the Italian flag. Don’t you love dual purpose items. 🙂

Red, green and white holiday stripes!
Boldly colorful red, green and white candy cane striped home decor and fashion designs


Long white dress

Leather handbag

Folding umbrella

Red home decor

Red tablecloth