Life after receiving a diagnosis of thyroid cancer

September 15, 2016 my endocrinologist told me good news, we were able to remove a 5cm partial thyroid mass without impacting the vocal cords or esophagus. “Bad news, we were very surprised to find it was cancerous which means the remaining thyroid will need to be removed at some point.”

It’s taken 60 days to absorb, amidst post surgery pain, and process, that I have cancer. Wow. My family will tell you, I’m very much a creative realist. A left brain and right brain thinker. I love creating with my feet firmly on the ground. It’s made for an interesting life.

So while I deal with my currently new “normal”, I’m digging down deep, past the pain and medicines, to do a bit of happy work, even if it now takes all day rather than an hour or two. My “new normal” consists of learning how to live with a high level of neck pain while trying to rework hundreds of my existing art and showcasing them using a Polyvore collage as shown below! I’m grateful to have found an outlet that allows me to focus on something other than if I’m at a level 10 or a level 3.  Art is My Life.


Peacock shoes

Tote bag

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month
September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

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