Saturday Sales Summary Smile: Boston, MA photo collage coffee mug

Health wise, it’s been one heck of a year for me. What was hoped to be a routine partial removal of an enlarged right thyroid turned into a diagnosis of follicular cancer. Ninety days later, I’m still recovering and am in pain management therapy which is why, after 11 years of opening a shop on it remains such a thrill to continue seeing emails popping into my Inbox saying “You’ve made a sale! Way to go!” 🙂

Thank you to my customer in Massachusetts for your multiple purchases. So glad the collage spoke to you.

Boston, MA Photo Collage by Celeste Sheffey Large

Khoncepts combo basement family / playroom rainbow colors home decor

Colorfully fun, rainbow colors basement family playroom. Comfortable seating for the grown-ups and room behind the sectional to store the toys and table for clean-up.

Reminds me a bit of when my children were small and I moved us into our new home after the contractors finished the basement.  🙂

Khoncepts Rainbow combo family / playroom seating
Khoncepts combo basement family / playroom rainbow colors home decor


Black, white and red his and her bedroom accessories

Elegant, black, white and red bedroom graphic print design bedroom accessories for him and her. Black, white and red bedroom decor patterns that please both him and her makes for a harmonious environment. The elliptical design was created using Paint, found in my basic computer programs. It took a few entertaining hours of drawing the shapes and then deciding where to add the red and black colors so they didn’t overlap. It’s one of my absolutely favorite graphic prints.

What are your favorite three colors?

Black, white and red bedroom for him and her!
His and her bedroom color selection idea


Khoncepts serving trays and matching cake pops party

My Mom and Dad attended loads of parties and entertained quite a bit at home. Mom would have loved having and gifting personalized serving trays. Customizing both the serving tray along with deliciously moist cake pops would make a fantastic housewarming gift treat. I’ll be giving my son and his wife a set to celebrate their 1st year of home ownership in July. Shhhh it’s a secret lol

Khoncepts serving trays and cake pops party
Khoncepts serving trays and matching cake pops for your party events


Sunday Sales Summary Smiles: Travel memento gifts

Featured below are a few extremely popular gift items that were purchased last week from two of my online shops. The first ornament of Sint Maarten was originally created for a heart shaped ornament which regretfully ran out so the client selected the star shaped design. I’m hoping she/he customized it by making the heart a tad smaller so that it properly fit the decoration. It’s still a lovely photo collage and brings back happy memories of a wonderful trip. I’m pleased they went ahead and selected a different shape.

Travel magnets and postcards remain my customers’ favorite gift purchases.

Thank you so much!

Khoncepts pink polka dot bathroom accessories

Pretty pink polka dot home decor accessories for bathroom and/or bedroom!

This pink polka dot shower curtain and very plush bath mat would also look great in a little girl’s bedroom. extra curtains would be wonderful as a window coverings. I love items that have a double duty life. Window and/or shower? 🙂

Khoncepts Pink Polka Dots


Travel Tuesday: Colorful, personalized travel coffee mugs using

Periodically I like purchasing products from my different stores, checking for quality, color accuracy, packaging and printing.

My Celeste Sheffey’s Zazzle Gift Store had a nice 40% of sale on mugs so I designed four with a few favorite travel images with me actually in the photo. With a house full of people, I figured adding my photo will help keep them from being used. 🙂

Designing the white mugs on Zazzle requires a bit of planning.
I knew I wanted my image placed in the center, with text on the side, the location and the date of the trip.

  • First, I chose a colorful image of me.
  • Next, I went on the site, chose the option to Create and picked the mug
  • I then went to the top, far right side of the page and unchecked Advanced tools
  • The Select Background Color then became visible. Be sure to click Show More, if you don’t see a color that will either complement and/or match the image you plan to use
  • Once I’ve selected the color, I checked the Advanced Tools and added the image, sizing it and centering it until I was happy with the result
  • From here you can choose to Post for Sale as a seller
  • Or Add To Cart to purchase

As you can see from my collage, the four mugs were very well packaged in bubble wrap. The colors and text came out exactly as shown online. An added bonus is receiving a discount on future orders once I give a review of my product.

Enjoy!! and let me know if I can help you by creating mugs for you. It’s a process that I actually love doing.

pink-polka-dot-smiley-face Happy Travel Tuesday!

Personalizing coffee mugs helps when you keep track of them when you have roommates
Wonderful photo travel memento coffee mugs
Photo travel mug of Celeste Sheffey in Aruba

Sunday Sales Summary Smile: Winter Red Rose

Sharing my annual, top holiday greeting card featuring a perfect red rose covered by winter’s first snow. The photo was taken a few years ago. I updated the image by adding an artsy graphic overlay.

Many thanks to everyone who continue to love and share this holiday card.

Photograph of a red rose in winter
Very pretty, thinking of you this holiday season greeting card.

All occasion monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion wear

I have quite a large extended family whose members last name begins with the letter R.

A few years ago, I had a bit of fun experimenting with a variety of fonts and sizes using the letter R. Rather than choosing just one font, I decided to merge them all to create this patterned home décor bathroom shower curtain. Double duty as bedroom curtains or even a fancy party backdrop. The perfect all occasion, not just Christmas or birthday gift. Contact me and provide the initial you wish to use for your design.

Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor
Monogrammed Letter R Home Decor and fashion accessory


Travel Tuesday: Black, white and yellow travel accessories

Start with eye pleasing black, yellow and white polka dots travel accessories like this fab carry-on luggage bag.

Dress casually or with flair wearing complementary upscale black and yellow dress and shoes. Which style is more you when traveling? 🙂

Black and yellow travel accessories
Matching leggings, umbrella and carry-on luggage case