“Rocks on a Maryland Beach” – wall art

Khoncepts "Rocks on a Maryland Beach" wall art

My family is almost used to photographic style by now. In the beginning they could never understand why I was taking photos of stones, walls, bricks, beach sand and rocks. Now they get me lol.

Polyvore also gets me and others like me. I’m able to “clip to polyvore”, one of my art pieces to a new set collage and then spend a few hours choosing images to totally re-create the ambiance of the room.

Everything shown in the collage was added, including the color of the wall. Polyvore collages, once published, shows each item and where it can be purchased. Finished collage sets can also be shared to various social media including WordPress. I also email myself a copy for my files, open the email, download it to my iPad and then post it to Instagram.

It sounds time consuming, however, I’m five months into painful, post surgery recovery and find the entire process, soothing, creatively entertaining and a great marketing tool, in a non salesy manner.

  1. Create the art
  2. Clip the art to Polyvore (using Mozilla for the clipper tool)
  3. Drag the item from My Items (Polyvore)
  4. Decide on color scheme for design
  5. “Save Draft” often
  6. Once I love the collage, I Publish it
  7. Enter title and description of the collage
  8. Share it on social media using the icons provided
  9. I usually choose Blog, uncheck all the items not created by me and then copy the text and post in a WordPress blog draft.
  10. Once I choose a date to schedule the post, I add the information to my Google Calendar which gives me a 30 day view of my scheduled blog posts. This is especially helpful to be sure I’m only featuring one graphic art print each week and not jumping to a new print in the same week.

Below is the original photo of “Rocks on a Maryland Beach” before it was transformed into the living and dining room collage. Do you have a favorite photo memory that you’d like to see transformed into graphic art for your home? If yes, contact me using the form below.

Wall art


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