Sunday Sales Summary Smiles: Fall Foliage and Travel Photography

I recently, devoted many many hours and quite a few days removing non-selling items from my Zazzle Stores.

Apparently the effort paid off. By removing a lot of old items (over 400)  and items not suited for my clients (42 categories removed), my photography products vs my graphic art items stood out better.

Here are a few of the favorites for last week (January 15 to January 21, 2017) for my new Sunday Summary Smiles.


Labadee, Haiti Postcard

Sold: Kings Park, NY
Labadee, Haiti Postcard
by CelesteSheffey

Boston, Massachusetts Photo Collage Poster
Sold: Topanga, CA and Austin Texas

If you have photos you love and would like to have them re-created for personal use for home decor or postcards to mail to friends and family, contact me below and let’s see what we can manifest for you.


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