Fashion Friday: Neon purple, blue, green and black graphic art fashion wear

My version of an ideal world would have been to make a full recovery from cancer surgery and be able to focus on being a happy creative. My current world however, is learning to deal with post thyroid cancer surgery pain management. The pro-side is re-discovering how to use hundreds of existing designs on new products until I’m able to get back on track. This is actually a better use of my time, as now, I’m much more in line with being better with coordinating outfits and products.

I love using Polyvore because it helps me pull together items that would complement existing items. For example, this eye catching black, purple, green and blue pattern print can now be mixed and matched on a variety of fashion wear, and fashion accessories!

Re-visiting old designs has been very helpful as I know have to check to see if my older prints are even still online. Some shops tend to discontinue items and/or will redo their entire website eliminating a ton of products. I won’t mention the stores that did that this year but it’s been so much fun adding them back – Not! LOL

Do you have a favorite photo memory that you’d like to see transformed into graphic art for your home? If yes, contact me using the form below.


Neon purple, green and blue 4748 tote bag
Neon purple, green, blue and black graphic art full color tote bag




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