Fashion Friday – using a photograph to create graphic designs


Using a photograph to create designs
Creating a graphic fashion design from a photograph

My Mom’s newly repaired purple beaded necklace inspired this colorful free-form swirls printed polyester canvas material.

I took a photo, using my iPad, of the beads after the necklace string broke and applied a few fun art filters to get different effects, this being one of my favorites.

I’ll be ordering this print dress for myself next month to wear during an upcoming family reunion this July and wearing the newly repaired necklace. Stay-tuned for photos.

Wouldn’t you like to have a special design made to match some of your favorite jewelry? Send me a note below and let’s chat about a pattern for you.

Creating a graphic design using a photograph of beads
Creating a graphic design using a photograph of beads

    This square dress is a Various Projects staple. This giant square is one of the most wearable and versatile thing you’ll ever design/own. Made from the finest 100% Silk Crêpe de chine in the world.

  • CARE

    Machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not iron or bleach.


    • Free shipping on orders over $150
    • You can expect your order to arrive in 10-14 business days


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