Wednesday whimsey – red travel memento wall

Beautiful red wall featuring travel mementos

Being home on medical disability has been fun for my longtime friend/handyman with my new home projects. My formerly blah, white wall is now a gorgeous red travel memento memory display. My very first trip anywhere was at the age of 35 to Nassau, Bahamas for a glorious five day, only me vacation. My wonderful parents agreed to watch my children. While there, I collected bags of seashells, conch shells and beach sand. I was hooked and that began my international collection of sand, rocks, seashells and gold bracelet charms from every country I’ve visited.

I chose  and paid for the shelving and brackets on Home Depot for my handyman to pick up. He brought me a few red paint samples to choose from. Home Depot stated I would have to come to the store to have the paint mixed so I sent my future son-in-law to do this for me.

Currently I’m very severely limited in how I can travel and what I can do but I’m not totally down and out and am looking forward to adding a few more collectibles.

This wall makes me so very happy.


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