Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – week of July 24, 2017

It’s always fun to see where in the world my next customer will order from. This week I’m sending a big thank you to Ireland!

Lucerne Switzerland Photo Collage coffee mug


Fashion Friday – featuring cute, personalized nightgown for granddaughter

personalized night gown for baby granddaughter
Cute personalized baby nightgown for my granddaughter

Flashback to July 28, 2013 featuring my beautiful grand baby Number 5 named Adrianna, at one month old wearing her cute, personalized nightgown. All of my children wore this style, I loved them because it was easy for me to change them and comfortable for them wear.

It’s quite a bit of fun being able to custom design and add names to my gift designs, as none of the names of my family members could ever be found in a regular brick and mortar store.



Thoughtful Thursday – Why I’m now adding matching gift packaging products to – existing patterns.

Khoncepts Pink Cabbage Rose Art

 Khoncepts Pink Cabbage Rose Art by khoncepts featuring hot pink home decor

Pink Cabbage Rose 5080 inspires a wide variety of beautiful array of home decor, fashion, gift items and matching packaging.

Last year, I designed several colorful 12 page wall calendars ( or 14 if counting the front and back). The front of each calendar features all of the beautiful color prints for each month of the year. However, producing loads of new work after a complicated thyroid surgery is proving to be extremely challenging so the smartest thing for me is – adding matching products to – existing patterns.

It’s been a mixed ‘blessing’ having such a serious medical condition. I’m unhappy how I’ve been sidelined due to pain issues, but amazed at how having to really focus my efforts have made a smarter impact on the end results. Rather than adding one design to tons of product categories, one design will now include matching gift packaging: gift bags, wine gift boxes, tissue paper and greeting cards. It’s never too late to smarten up. 🙂

Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles – week of July 16, 2017

Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles - week of July 16, 2017


Sending a big thank you to my customers in Pennsylvania, France and Sweden. Enjoy!

Khoncepts Hot Pink to Light Pink Gradient Bath Decor

I currently share the main bathroom with four other family members. I love daydreaming about having my own private bathroom and Polyvore collages help provide a visual mood board.

This pretty bathroom version features gradient shades of hot pink to light pink bath decor along with crystal accessories. I did double duty by using the shower curtain as window curtains with a matching plush bath mat.

What would be your favorite colors to use as a gradient design? Let me know below.
.khoncepts Hot Pink to Light Pink Bath Decor


Skull Boys Fashion Wear and Home Decor Collection

Skull Boys Home Decor and Fashion wear

Skull Boys was drawn and created by my son Justyn that started out as three different sized heads that was then modified into this great template of multiple skulls by me, his mom, Celeste. It looks pretty cool as home decor and fashion wear. Based on sales over the years, the birthday greeting card is very popular in England 🙂

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – July 3 to July 15, 2017

Sending a heartfelt, very happy, Thank You! to my customers living in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin and the UK.

Khoncepts Sunday Sales Summary Smiles - July 3-12, 2017




Colorful t shirt

Office accessory

Office accessory

Bar tool


Fashion Friday – Hot Pink Bougainvillea dress and gift bag designs


Khoncepts Hot Pink Bougainvillea Designs

Pretty hot pink Bougainvillea plant inspired this stunning boho dress and these beautiful gift bags. It took awhile to adjust the photo to properly fit the medium and large size gift bags but the end results came out amazingly well.

Photo was taken in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

P.S. I think this style dress would look fantastic on former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Khoncepts Back to School – Black, White and Red School Accessories

Black, White and Red Back To College Accessories
Khoncepts Back To School Accessories

Vibrantly bold Black, White and Red School Accessories for class and dorm room. Classy shower curtains that double as window curtains, customized three ring binders, duvet coverts, throw pillows and more! What are your favorite colors? 🙂


Pretty Gray Pastel Baby Shower Gifts

Pretty pastel gray and pink baby shower gifts

Baby Bib

Baby Bib

I recently received an invitation to attend the first baby shower of my first born child’s, childhood friend’s daughter. 🙂

I contacted the soon to be Grandmother to ask about her daughter’s favorite colors to create a few matching items for the baby shower. I enjoy the fact that I can do almost everything I need to do, online. As I continue to deal with my thyroid cancer surgery and its after effects almost a year later, it’s very convenient to be able to design, create and buy gifts for my family and my customers. It takes a lot longer but I’m happy I can still make a little bit of magic such as this beautiful gift bag, tissue paper, burp cloth, bib and a personalized greeting card set.