Wearable Wednesday – Personalized sweatshirts for our 85 year old Dad who suffers from dementia

Personalized sweatshirts for 85 year old Dad.

My brothers and I recently drove down South to visit our Dad to celebrate his 85th birthday. The birthday celebration was really quite super! However, Dad has dementia and the way his assisted living room looked including his closet and dresser drawers was quite upsetting especially for the amount of money that is spent on care each month. One of my brothers and I took everything out of the closet and his dresser drawers. My other brother took items across the highway to be dry cleaned. We placed 4 piles of things outside his room door into the hallway, comprised of clothes that were not his, sheets and towels that were not his, pillows that weren’t his and regular trash. He was also missing clothes and items that were his.

Once we were done, his room looked amazing. We added the personalized duvet cover to his bed with a matching shower curtain in his bathroom that I designed and to avoid someone else ‘accidentally’ wearing his clothes, I personalized these six zip up sweatshirts as starters.

Next I will do T-shirts, shorts and sweatpants.

Contact me to design items for your loved ones who may also live in a group home setting whose items are often “misplaced”.

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