Saturday Scenic Summer Images of Iceland

I had my first taste of visiting Iceland by celebrating my birthday in January 2016 where is was a magnificent landscape of white and ice.

Stunning Icelandic summer scenery

Since then I had my eyes on summer vacation package sales to celebrate my youngest child’s 21st August birthday. I chose an escorted travel vacation so my son could explore with members of the group, as I’m still not doing as well as I had hoped after my September 2016 surgery. That said, we HAD A FANTASTIC TIME! The weather co-operated with all six days of either sun or clouds but no rain and the group of 22 all got along well.

It was magical being able to check off all of my wish list items including:

  • beautiful black sand beaches
  • miles of lava fields
  • colorful puffins
  • multi-color glaciers
  • green fields and river ways
  • wonderful waterfalls
  • and even the Northern Lights

For me, an escorted tour is the way to go, leaving all the planning and traveling to the tour guide and the bus driver.  Now to go through over 800 images and several videos,  sorting by date, location and subject. Fun, fun fun. 🙂


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