Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Flip Flops and Swimwear Ideas for Her

flip flops with matching swimsuits

Customized flip flops with matching bathing suits and even beach towels Visit three of my online shops to see additional design prints!

Or send me your favorite colors and let’s create a few samples for you.

Thank you!


Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Raincoat Designs with matching umbrellas

 It’s been a slow journey not exactly leaving my black wardrobe in the closet but I am adding more colorful attire such as coats and umbrellas. Creating this post helped me to finally coordinate raincoats from my PAOM shop with umbrellas with my Artsadd online store.

Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Hot Pink Rainy Day Umbrella designs

Khoncepts Hot Pink Rainy Day Gear by khoncepts featuring folding umbrellas

Hot pink designed umbrellas are cheerful rainy or snowy day fashion accessories. Umbrellas can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to update your fashion wardrobe especially if the patterns are your favorite colors. Contact me and let’s see what can be designed for you.

Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Pink Floral Dresses and matching gift bag

Khoncepts Pink Floral Dresses by khoncepts 

A photo taken in Ochos Rios, Jamaica of a colorful, hot pink Bougainvillea plant inspired these three stunning dresses and beautiful, matching gift bag. I’m thinking a nice Mother’s Day outfit!

Dresses on Artsadd
Dress on PAOM

Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Fashion Ideas

Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Fashions

 One beautiful, pink, orange and yellow watercolor pattern featured on three dress options! Dressy or casual, which style is yours. 🙂

Square Dress on PAOM
Bodycon Dress on CowCow
Long Dress on Artsadd
Flip Flops on Zazzle

Travel Tuesday – Khoncepts customized Rainbow Striped Luggage with matching tote bag

 Khoncepts Customized Rainbow Striped Luggage  

Colorful, rainbow striped luggage. Customize your bag using one of several colors for the handle, wheels and bumpers. Pair it with matching flip flops or cross body tote bag.

I love my business designed carry-on luggage bag and matching tote!!


Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Jamaican Inspired Women’s Fashion wear

Today’s Fashion Friday features eye catching Jamaican color stripes of yellow, green and black inspired by a trip to celebrate a friend’s wedding in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.