Travel Throwback Thursday – gold charm souvenir from Madrid, Spain

Taking pictures, experiencing different cultures and collecting gold travel charms, these are three of my favorite things do on vacation. πŸ™‚

Typically once I decide on the country, I spend many internet hours searching for a gold jeweler who sell gold bracelet charms representative of their locale or country. I was hugely unsuccessful so I sent up good intentions to the universe to find a place once my son and arrived in Madrid for his 22nd birthday.

For the past few years, I’ve booked trips using Great Value Vacations. They list costs upfront, including airfare, hotel, tips, transfers, taxes and breakfast. The Tryp Atocha hotel was centrally located to shops and restaurants. Due to a few medical issues, I liked the fact that this year we would be in one hotel vs our usual cross country hotel stays. My son could go out on his own on the days that I wasn’t up to it. Thankfully he didn’t mind doing a lot of the advanced leg work by checking every jewelery shop he saw while he was out and about.

During one of his searches for lunch, he came across Joyeria Relojeria. He returned to the hotel very excited with “I have good news and I have bad news”. The good news was a jeweler had a gold bull charm but no charms that were engraved for Spain or Madrid. I told him great! So we went to the shop and purchased the charm that he nicely packaged for me.

It’s amazing how difficult it is to find shops that stock engraved gold charms, even in the States. Most places say, “oh you can order them online”, however for me that defeats the whole point. Happily, my Boston jewelry company, E.B. Horn was able to engrave the word Madrid on the charm.

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