Historic Celebration of President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration celebration AND my birthday weekend

My brother flew to Maryland from California and I took Amtrak in from Massachusetts, to spend the weekend at our parents’ home so we could celebration my 54th birthday (1/19) AND the Historic Celebration of President Barack Obama’s January 20, 2009 Inauguration. This was a very special birthday because it’s the only time since 1973 that I celebrated my birthday with my parents and my brother.  Due to logistics, weather and the size of my family, we’ve always gotten together for either Mom’s or Dad’s birthdays. During my birthday dinner, Mom and Dad gifted me with a Commemorative SmarTrip  transit pass with $ added to it. Ten years later (2019) and I still have the card with all the money loaded to it.

My brother used to live in DC so he planned for us to park and ride into DC. It was bitterly cold, like single digits cold but we were properly dressed , especially with our footwear because nothing is worse than having frozen feet. We had no idea it would take hours to get through the massive crowd to the building where we had been invited to watch the parade. After many phone calls to the head office and much maneuvering, we managed to get to the rear of of 701 Pennsylvania Avenue where we were searched by Homeland Security and confirmed that we were invited guests and allowed upstairs.

Whew!!! heat, hot tea, good food and a great spot to take photos of the parade route using my telephoto lens. The top left image was taken at the actual distance from the conference room to the parade route. The second image was a thrilling moment when President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, stopped and stepped out of their limos right in front of our building and walked part of the parade!!!

Overall, it was a most fabulous birthday weekend, spending time with my family and seeing the first Black President of the United States and his wife during his 2009 inauguration parade.

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