Travel Tuesday – 2016 Winter Trip to Iceland

I had always wanted to visit Iceland, especially with a direct flight from Boston. I decided to make that happen for my brother’s 50th January 26th birthday and as a belated January 19th birthday gift to myself. Boston folks were incredulous that we’d want to travel to Iceland rather than a warm tropical island. Thankfully, we’re a bit unconventional so I took advantage of a very inexpensive, 5 day Iceland Air package including: airfare, hotel, breakfast and travel voucher package deal and we jetted off to Reykjavik, Iceland.

10 minutes after landing, I had my brother take a photo of me in front of the Welcome to Iceland sign, we then headed to the included transport to our downtown Reykjavik hotel, located about 35 minutes from Keflavik, airport.

Day three, I decided to buy Golden Circle Tour tickets so we could visit the snowy South Iceland countryside, see the famous geysers, Gullfoss falls and all the tour had to offer. The eight hour tour was a fantastic decision. Our guide was knowledgeable, a good driver and she was very friendly.

Let me say that it was such an exciting trips, my youngest son and I went on a 6 day Great Value Vacation tour for his 21st, August 2017 birthday.

Due to medical challenges, traveling direct with no layovers with almost everything included is a major win win for me.

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