Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for April 2019 – Khoncepts Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful April Zazzle customers from Canada to The Netherlands for enjoying and hopefully fondly remembering your times at these beautiful travel locations and art designs. You are so appreciated.

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • The hot pink, lime green, black and white stripes towels were inspired by one of my granddaughters.
  • The scenic photos of Jamaica were taken during a family wedding in Ochos Rios
  • The Sint Maarten photos were taken during my very first solo trip. It was an amazing time.
  • The Shades of Purple stripes are one of my favorite pattern designs to create.
  • You Are Amazing was for one of my family members who needed it at the time.
  • St. Thomas photos were also taken during my two fabulous Royal Caribbean cruises
  • Gradient Dark to Light Green is one of many of my gradient prints selections
  • Mom on a black background with a red heart is appropriate for that special woman in your lift.  🙂

Item Categories with links and where they were sold

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts so you don’t have to!


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