Travel Tuesday – while medically challenged

Living with sometimes crippling medical issues like ulcerative colitis has slowed me but not yet totally stopped me from trying to live life. Eating is just one of my major hurdles so I’ve been forced to do one location trips vs cross country.  I had one very bad day while in Frankfurt, Germany so I made the most of it by staying in the hotel for an entire day eating several delicious plates of food from the buffet of everything I like, that sometimes causes flair-ups like fruit and coffee. Also, it was Easter Sunday and everything was closed so spending a few hours munching and taking pictures of my food, in the empty dining area, was a day well spent.😊

I should mention that 5 days before my trip I was on a very restricted diet because I needed to be sure I could even get on the plane which I almost missed due to a minor flare-up at the airport. So this one day of really eating a meal was a true treat indeed.

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