Black, White and Red Fish Eye Art for your kitchen

Several members of my family and I, we all love the colors: black, white and red. These Black, White and Red Fish Eye patterned kitchen towels also are a great option to use as table placemats. Look how large they are with a full size plate. I ordered eight using Zazzle’s many discount specials.

Send me a note and let me know what colors you’d like to have for your  kitchen towels/placemats.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for May 2019 – Khoncepts Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful April Zazzle customers from New Jersey to Colorado for enjoying and hopefully fondly remembering your times at these beautiful travel locations and art designs. You are so appreciated.

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • The Tiffany Blue Hearts was created for my daughter’s Tiffany blue birthday party theme
  • The bold Yellow, Red, White and Blue Stripes Throw Pillow designed was inspired by my surprising Iberian Peninsula DNA results
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals Bath Set was designed for my black and white bathroom
  • St. Thomas photo postcard collage was updated after another visit to the island.


Item Categories with links and where they were sold


Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts so you don’t have to!

Bathroom decor inspired by pretty Violet Bluebells in Herschberg, Germany

This pretty Violet Bluebell bath mat, was inspired by my photograph of bluebell flowers I spotted while visiting the quaint country town of Herschberg, Germany, home to my 7x great grandfather, Peter Scheffe. You can read about my trip on my brother’s blog post

My son’s girlfriend mention she loves purple so I created and ordered two plush bath mats in the large size. Looking forward to seeing her hopefully happy and surprised face. 🙂

What photographs do you have that you’d love to use as the basis for a new color palette for your home decor? Let me know below. 🙂