Thoughtful Thursday – l miss being spontaneous

Have you ever had a friend or family member call to say “let’s go out, I’ll pick you up in an hour.” and you have to decline because the medical issue, has flared up, again.

Suffering with colitis issues for years has been mostly manageable, however these last three years (coinciding with my successful cancer surgery) have been random and highly annoying.

It’s a blessing if I’m able to even leave the house and when I do,  I pay extra for; travel insurance, direct flights, one location hotels or cruises. Ulcerative colitis and after surgery side effects has made for many painful challenges but I’m still here and am doing my best to keep moving forward. My family, my art business and my glass half full mindset help.

Being spontaneous is a blessing and I sometimes miss it.


Fashion Friday – Black, Blue and White Swirls

Buying dresses with the exact colors, size and fabric is amazing. It’s super fun to never having to leave my house to go dress shopping.  I love this style of dress, a bit loose depending on size, the fabric is the perfect weight, cute side slit and no ironing needed. When I packed for my trip to Madrid last summer, my carry-on bag had 6 dresses, matching Pashmina scarves, 3 pairs of shoes with room to spare and that was just on one side!

This lovely swirls pattern was inspired by one of my DNA Ancestry test results of Estonia whose flag colors are black, blue and white.

PS. I’m so excited that my newly designed bandanas arrved today, including one to match my dress above.

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for June 2019 – Khoncepts Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful June Zazzle customers from Colorado to Sweden!  Please enjoy your purchases and the memories they evoked.  🙂

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • Big Daddy gifts were designed as a sweet joke to my Ex and now best friend.
  • The Sint Maarten photos were taken during my five day, solo trip to the island. It was an amazing time basically visiting and touring two countries and cultures.
  • Turks and Caicos photos were taken during our cruise on the Carnival Valor
  • Black, Beige and Brown Mosaics tissue paper doodles transformed into mosaics
  • St. George Bermuda Postcard was a photo taken during our first cruise from Boston to Bermuda. Good times.
  • Happy Birthday Skulls Postcard was a 2010 design collaboration with my son who was 9 yrs old.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes Bandana, soft pastel stripes of the rainbow for home, office, fashion and baby accessories created in 2015.
  • Bold Rainbow Stripes Tie is a fabulous men’s accessory for rainbow themed parties, events and rainbow weddings.
  • Watercolor of Oranjestad, Aruba magnet is a really lovely photograph of Oranjestad, Aruba from the deck of my cruise ship, transformed in a beautiful watercolor.
  • Jamaican Inspired Stripes Postcards were created after a trip to Jamaica to attend a wedding in 2017.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes Tissue Paper was designed in 2015 for girls or boys, baby showers and fashion accessories
  • Images of Switzerland Postcard, colorful images throughout Lucerne during a 2009 London to Rome family trip.
  • You Are Amazing! greeting card. Imagine the joy someone will have receiving this unexpectedly positive card.
  • Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Crossbody Bag inspired by a 6 day cross-country summer trip.


Item Categories with links and where they were sold

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂

Fashion Friday – Blue, Yellow and White Paint Splashes Dress

My first time wearing my newly designed Blue, Yellow and White Paint Splashes, side slit dress was while attending one of my granddaughter’s 6th, Unicorn Birthday Party held at a horse farm in Pembroke, MA.

Due to medical issues, it was touch and go right up to the day of the day of the party if I would even be able to attend so I decided to wear something pretty without my favorite black accent color. The colors were perfectly printed on fabric that was just the right weight, no slip needed. Also, at my age, I prefer long dresses, however, you can also cut and hem it a bit shorter if you like to adjust the length.

I enjoy buying my own graphic printed dress designs on Artsadd. My only “complaint” is that items are shipped from China which takes about 3 weeks to arrive, unless you upgrade to expedited shipping, otherwise, the pricing, the printing and items I’ve ordered are wonderful.

Travel Tuesday – Summer Visit of Iceland

My youngest son, Justyn and I spent a wonderful Great Value Vacation 6 day trip across Iceland to celebrate his 21st birthday. These 12 fantastic images featured on this crossbody bag represent highlight photos taken from Reykjavik to Westman Island and returning back to Reykjavik.

Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Crossbody Bag

Sending a big Thank You! my new customer in Minneapolis for your Iceland crossbody bag purchase. Please note there is a zipper compartment and an open compartment for your things. Enjoy!

If you have photos of your trip and would like a bag similar to this, contact me below and let’s design one for you.