Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for June 2019 – Khoncepts Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful June Zazzle customers from Colorado to Sweden!  Please enjoy your purchases and the memories they evoked.  🙂

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • Big Daddy gifts were designed as a sweet joke to my Ex and now best friend.
  • The Sint Maarten photos were taken during my five day, solo trip to the island. It was an amazing time basically visiting and touring two countries and cultures.
  • Turks and Caicos photos were taken during our cruise on the Carnival Valor
  • Black, Beige and Brown Mosaics tissue paper doodles transformed into mosaics
  • St. George Bermuda Postcard was a photo taken during our first cruise from Boston to Bermuda. Good times.
  • Happy Birthday Skulls Postcard was a 2010 design collaboration with my son who was 9 yrs old.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes Bandana, soft pastel stripes of the rainbow for home, office, fashion and baby accessories created in 2015.
  • Bold Rainbow Stripes Tie is a fabulous men’s accessory for rainbow themed parties, events and rainbow weddings.
  • Watercolor of Oranjestad, Aruba magnet is a really lovely photograph of Oranjestad, Aruba from the deck of my cruise ship, transformed in a beautiful watercolor.
  • Jamaican Inspired Stripes Postcards were created after a trip to Jamaica to attend a wedding in 2017.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes Tissue Paper was designed in 2015 for girls or boys, baby showers and fashion accessories
  • Images of Switzerland Postcard, colorful images throughout Lucerne during a 2009 London to Rome family trip.
  • You Are Amazing! greeting card. Imagine the joy someone will have receiving this unexpectedly positive card.
  • Iceland Summer Landscape Collage Crossbody Bag inspired by a 6 day cross-country summer trip.


Item Categories with links and where they were sold

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂

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