Throwback Thursday – unexpectedly wonderful visit to Jardines del Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

Planning and traveling with painful surgical after effects hasn’t totally discouraged me but has made me even more appreciative of new experiences. My favorite travel company Great Value Vacations posted a fabulously priced vacation package  in November 2017 to Madrid, Spain. I immediately booked it for August so that my son could celebrate his 22nd birthday in Spain.

Due to my recurring medical issue, on day three, I was stuck in my hotel room until 3pm which was fine for my son who was a bit jet lagged and napped until I could manage to leave the room.

We chose to visit the enormous public park located in Madrid. It was well worth the visit and was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel on Calle de Atocha. Thankfully, there are plenty of benches throughout the park, most of them under tall, shady, breeze inducing trees for those folks like me who have to take frequent rest breaks.

Featured in my  collage:
The Crystal Palace in Madrid
The artificial lake to the Monument to Alfonso XII
Retiro Park in Madrid

My blog post about Retiro Park in Madrid

Stock Photo Sunday – when the model is me!

95% of my photography career has been behind the camera lens with rare photos of me as as an actual participant. Due to painful complications from successful cancer surgery in 2016, my previously active life has encountered some serious challenges forcing me to adjust how photography fits into my new phase of life.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in contributing to various photo stock agencies like Alamy with modest success and only a handful of sales. My youngest son and former travel companion (he has a serious girlfriend now lol) was always happy to indulge me in “posing” during our trips. Two of the pictures I took and submitted of him were accepted as stock images. Getting a model release from my son vs a stranger seemed like a no brainer and he’s quite photogenic.

My next, very recent, ah ha moment was to begin submitting photos of someone else I know, me!! So far I’ve submitted two and both were accepted.  I’m pumped! Next steps; manifesting some appropriate sales of my stock images and submitting more of me and my family members.



Travel Tuesday – Waterfront Boston Staycation

I managed to string together four decent days of feeling pretty well, so my oldest son and his family drove into Boston, picked me up, to spend a relaxed day in town. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the New England Aquarium. Taking pictures through glass is tricky but I had fun using my iPad to take approximately 30 decent photos without reflections of background lights and people, lol.  My 6 yr old granddaughter bravely touched the stingrays and absolutely had to see the 5pm seal show. We left the aquarium fifteen minutes before it closed and walked up to listen to a talented violinist named violinviiv.  The girls happily ran over to contribute money to the artist’s bucket and keeping their momentum going, we headed down the street to Tia’s for dinner.

Eating a kids meal pizza at Tia’s, was my 3 year old granddaughter’s favorite part of the day. Located near the waterfront, I normally don’t care to sit and eat outside but it was a nice day and my daughter-in-law really wanted the staycation experience. Our very friendly server Chris, helped make our delectable dining highly enjoyable by being pleasantly entertaining to the girls. 🙂

Christopher Columbus park playground, also by the waterfront was where we let the little ladies run off their excess energy with a later stroll through Faneuil Hall and finally through The Rose Kennedy Greenway. The rainbow color lighted water against the evening backdrop provided an awesome ending to a fabulously family day.

Ecuadorian Stain Glass Designs – home decor and fashion designs

Ecuadorian Stain Glass‘  is a vibrant, multi-color graphic design using a stain glass art filter on my iPad. Creating patterns that can be used used for fashion accessories, gift wrapping products, gift wrapping items and home decor such as the bath accessories featured in this image is only half the fun. Opening the package and seeing how true to color the items are is everything!

Ecuardorian Stain Glass design can also be found in my Artsdadd shop. Awhile back, I did a blog post featuring this pattern as a beautiful area rug.

Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Zazzle shop (the bath towel)
Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Society6 shop (the bath rugs)
Ecuadorian Stain Glass – Artsadd shop

Thank you and enjoy visiting my three shops featuring this exciting print on a variety of products. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, using the form below.

Fashion Friday – Red, Black and White Ellipticals Bandana

Bandanas are my newest favorite fashion accessory to design for me and my customers. I’ve ordered eight bandanas; 4 to wear and 4 to hang up as wall art.

This week’s featured accessory is the Red, White and Black Ellipticals bandana. It complements all of my black outfits and matches a sweatshirt I designed from my other Artsadd shop.

Visit my shop by clicking the image or the links to see if we have something to complement as an accessory or contact me below for specific colors.

Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend!

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for July 2019 – Celeste Sheffey Zazzle shops

Thanking my wonderful July Zazzle customers from Pennsylvania to Austria!

Sharing below is a bit of my background story for each of the above items.

  • Ecuadorian Stain Glass 0760 greeting card is a vibrant, multicolor graphic design using a stain glass art filter incorporating my favorite black accent color. I’ve purchased this pattern for my bath towel set and bath mats.
  • Sint Maarten Beach Scene Magnet and Postcard were inspired by a catamaran cruise around the island
  • Labadee, Haiti Magnet taken during a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk Pop Art Ornament image was taken, during a Memorial Day weekend 2010, even though I’m a Jersey Girl, it was my first visit to the famous Atlantic City.
  • Yellow, White and Gray Stripes bath towel set of cheerful shades of yellow, muted grays and white striped bath decor.
  • Black, Pink and White Stripes Bath Towel Set – Très chic black, pink and white stripes bath towels
  • A perfect summer day photo taken in the Lucerne, Switzerland inspired the Idyllic Swiss Countryside Lampshade
  • One day I used my watercolor paints  to create this pretty Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor design. Favor boxes come in several styles
  • Downtown St. Martin Postcard photo was taken from a hill by Fort Amsterdam
  • Iceland Summer Landscape collage represents 6 days of travel throughout Iceland and the Westman Islands.
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes unisex favor boxes are super fun for baby shower events.
  • Iceland – Puffins Magnet – It was very exciting visiting the Westman Islands of Iceland in August and seeing hundreds of Puffins all along the mountainside.
  • Colorful Grand Turk Photo Collage 9918 Magnet – Fabulous but too short, one day cruise visit to Grand Turk and Caicos island
  • Happy Anniversary with Gold Hearts was one of my days using a new app on my iPad
  • Photo Collage of Jamaica Postcard memories of a short 3 day visit to attend a wedding


Gift Products with links and where they were sold

Send me a note if you have photos or special colors you’d like to have designed as gifts saving you time and energy by not searching online or in crowded stores! 🙂

Fashion Friday – Hot Pink and Black Electric Fashion Accessory

Bandanas are my newest favorite fashion accessory to design for me and my customers. I’ve ordered eight bandanas to wear and to hang up as wall art.

I’m wearing my Hot Pink and Black Electric bandana. It matches a dress and sweatshirt I designed from my other Artsadd shop.

Visit my shop by clicking the image of the links to see if we have something to complement as an accessory or contact me below for specific colors.

Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend!