Travel Tuesday – Lisbon’s street art, hills and stairs

Graffiti art in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has lots of vibrant graffiti artists, some government approved others are free style. There are even street art tours, however, you’ll see many of them on your own by riding or strolling around the entire city. Day two of our June trip to Portugal, my youngest daughter stayed in to sleep so my oldest daughter and I headed out to explore locations I had found online before leaving the states.

I had no idea Lisbon had so many hills and stairs so I’m sharing these for future visitors.   Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, low 70’s but I needed to stop a few times to rest and even my gym going daughter also appreciated ‘my’ breaks lol. Of course, I looked back to see how far we had come and decided we needed to reward ourselves with lunch at the top of the stairs and down the street before reaching our first destination in Graca