Stock Photo Sunday – when the model is me in Iceland!

The majority of my 40+ years as a photographer has been behind the camera lens with rare photos of me as as an actual participant even during family events. Due to painful complications from successful cancer surgery in 2016, my previously active life has encountered some serious challenges forcing me to adjust how photography fits into my new phase of life.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in contributing to various photo stock agencies like Alamy with modest success and only a handful of sales. My youngest son and former travel companion (he has a serious girlfriend now lol) was always happy to indulge me in “posing” during our trips. Two of the pictures I took and submitted of him were accepted as stock images. Getting a model release from my son vs a stranger seemed like a no brainer and he’s quite photogenic.

My next, very recent, ah ha moment was to begin submitting photos of someone else I know, me!! So far I’ve submitted four and all were accepted.  I’m pumped!

This newest one of me was taken during a birthday trip to Iceland in January. I updated it by adding a fun comic art filter to give it a bit more pop and sent it to my stock agency with my fingers crossed that they’d accept it. They did! “African American Woman Comic Art” is now part of my Alamy portfolio.

Next steps; manifesting some appropriate sales of my stock images and submitting more selfie images and those of my family members.