Questions and Answers

Providing a few questions and helpful answers regarding Khoncepts services.
Providing a few questions and helpful answers regarding Khoncepts services.

Q: Do you have a staff that creates designs for you or do you do all the graphics?
A: I happily create all the designs on products in all 5 of my stores.

Q: How do you make the products?
A: I create the designs and then properly size them to correctly fit the products which is called Print On Demand (POD). The stores that host the products are responsible for printing the designs on the products of which they all do beautifully.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: The stores that host my products accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal and credit cards. Each store will display their secure payment options.

Q: Can I buy just one product?
A: Yes! I chose stores that do not have a minimum purchase. You can buy one product and be all set. I frequently purchase my own designs for this reason.

Q: Do you take returns?
A:  Yes, please be sure to check the return policy for my stores as each will be different.

Q: Do you offer coupons or have sales?
A: All of my stores provide periodic sales sometimes including free shipping. Sign up for their promotions or contact me as I often have personal coupon codes. (note: Zazzle offers an annual flat rate shipping option – pay once and shipping is paid for the year)

Q: Are your designs available for  licensing?
A: Yes! I have several design collections and am consistently adding new items. I welcome discussions in this area.

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