Cosmic Happy Birthday Party designed using Black and Gold

iPad Pro apps are amazingly entertaining which is a good thing for me due to a painful, post-surgery medical complication. I’m currently learning Procreate coming up with this cosmic Happy Birthday design. Now, who on my birthday list will enjoy them? 🙂




Wearable Wednesday – 50th Anniversary Tote Bag Gift Idea







Contact me below if you’d like to have names, dates and even photos included or visit my online shop and send a note from the specific product. Now, what types of goodies will fill up this anniversary bag? 🙂


Happy 50th Anniversary in Black and Gold Gift Ideas

My parents would have loved this black and gold hearts design when they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary back in 2003. Saving all of their wedding photos and their 50th Anniversary cruise we took would with them on this USB drive would have made Dad extremely happy especially if I added their wedding date.














The elegantly cute black and gold gable favor box can be filled with goodies and placed on a table for the couple’s guests or presented to the anniversary couple.

Contact me below if you’d like to have names and/or dates included or visit my online shop and send a note from the specific product.

Matching Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Gift Wrap Packaging

Gift packaging time! My friends and family enjoy receiving my matching gift wrapped designed packages almost as  much as the present inside.

Send me a note on someone’s 3 favorite color combinations and let’s create something for you to gift them with. 🙂

Scroll below to click and visit each item directly or browse my Zazzle shop Collections for more gift packaging artwork.

Bath Decor featuring Red, Yellow, Blue and Black Abstract 8230 designs

These bold colors of Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Abstract 8230 bath accessories will look fabulous in your bathroom! Clients with black and white bathrooms will love how the colors pop in such a lively way. As an added bonus, they are very affordable. Sign up with Zazzle to receive email discount alerts.

Scroll below to view links to the bath items or visit my Zazzle store for additional gift products with this optical pattern.

Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Abstract 8230 Shower Curtain
by CelesteSheffey

Wearable Wednesday – Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Abstract 8230

Rich tones of red, yellow, black and blue abstract fashion accessories for him and her are sure to complement a variety of outfits including classy or casual events.

Scroll below to view images with direct links or visit my online Zazzle shop to view all gift products with this design.


Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for the month of May 2018

Thanking my May 2018 Zazzle clients from Florida, The Netherlands, Utah, Arizona, New York  , the UK , Missouri, Puerto Rico, Texas/Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania for visiting my Zazzle shops and choosing to make your purchases of my designs.


Also thanking my May 2018 CafePress customers for your purchases!


Wearable Wednesday – Yellow Abstract Art 8195 fashions and accessories

Doodling and creating designs is a relaxing process that helps take my mind off of 24/7 neck pain due to cancer surgery that went removed the cancer but the healing process went sideways. That said, I love all my colorful patterns but sometimes there is that one that just makes me hop up and down in my chair clapping loudly like my two year old granddaughter. This is one of those times. LOL.

I’ve placed several orders that will be arriving soon. So excited.

Visit my Artadd shop for the first four items
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Wearable Wednesday – Neckties for him or her!

Lively neckties for all occasions. Casual, trendy, stripes, watercolors and abstracts for him and for all of the ladies that also enjoy wearing neckties, I have colors for you as well. Visit my Zazzle store and choose your favorites.

Wearable Wednesday – Fabulously fun Art Khoncepts legging designs

Be prepared as they ask you “where did you buy your fabulous leggings?” Dress them up or wear them casually, you’ll love all of the compliments.  If you travel by bus or train wear a flowing sweater or loose jacket to be stylish yet comfortable.

The Mardi Gras pattern has been the #1 favorite in two of my shops.