Tasty looking beef quesadilla photograph accepted on Alamy.com!

For years, my family has endured my fondness of taking foodie photos before anyone can eat their meal. I was a foodie photographer before it even became a thing lol.

Recently, one of my brothers and I had to travel to Maryland to relocate our Dad from an assisted living facility to the DC/VA Hospital Community Living Center. We rewarded ourselves with a quick bite to eat at Johnny Pistolas in Adams Morgan, DC. We were fortunate to arrive before the dinner rush hour and were seated at a table right by the window that had the perfect lighting for a food photo.

As an added bonus, not only did the quesadilla photograph nicely, it was quite delicious!

Fashion Friday – Personalized Hooded Sweatshirts

Sweatshirt personalized with your name
Personalized sweatshirt

Shopping in stores is not my favorite way to spend a few hours. Browsing for hours online, praying I find something I like, with my colors and in my size is my second least favorite activity. What I do LOVE, is deciding what I want to wear from items in my shops and designing them to match my accessories such as boots, shoes or pants.

I also feel it’s important to periodically purchase items from my shops, checking for quality, color and shipping issues if any. I can absolutely recommend these hooded pullover sweatshirts. I have two from my Artsadd shop (one featured by me above) and this time, I ordered two of the zip up hoodies styles.

They have a bit of stretch being made of Polyester and some Spandex and are quite comfy. Oh, and the pullover sweatshirt has a front pocket.

Send me your favorite colors, the text or name you’d like to feature and let’s create something special for you. Shipping is free and takes about three weeks.

Wearable Wednesday – Neon Purple and Blue, long all occasion dress

Dress print is designed for woman of all ages.
Lightweight, easy to pack, all occasion dress.

I love this simple style dress  with side slit design as I used to sew these for years. Now that I can create patterns to match my shoes, boots and sandals, my wardrobe has been and will continue to expanded accordingly. 🙂

My current sewing projects are simply stitching the side slits so they aren’t as high.  If I was a lot younger than my current 60+ years, I’d leave them they are. haha.

Send me your favorite color combinations and let’s see what can be done for you.

Fashion Friday – Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Khoncepts

Fashion Friday featuring Pink, Orange and Yellow colors swirling, blending, melting into one another, creating these beautiful, fashion wear and accessories.


  1. Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Designs on Artsadd
  2. Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Designs on Society6
  3. Khoncepts Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor Designs on Zazzle


From sewing to designing

I learned how to sew in my high school’s HomeEc class. I’ve since made my own clothes for over 40 years. Now, I’m 63 years young and absolutely love creating my very own print patterns, placing them on various clothing items, ordering them and having them shipped to me.

I will be sure to write a follow-up once I have received this very pretty pink and black dress with matching flip flops.

Hot Pink and Black Electric Lines 5078
Hot Pink and Black Electric Lines 5078 Phaedra Sleeveless Open Fork Long Dress (Model D08) by khoncepts


Hot Pink and Black Electric Lines 5078
Hot Pink and Black Electric Lines 5078 Flip Flops for Men/Women (Model 040) by khoncepts

Fine Art: Rock Mandala acrylic wall art

About this artwork

Rock Mandala 9812 started out as a photograph of multi-color rocks embedded in a rose colored cement wall. A bit of tweaking with a graphic software filter created this eye catching rock mandala wall acrylic wall art numbered 9812.
It can be framed in black or white.

Acrylic Glass Print

Archival quality print mounted on the back of a 1/4″ thick, clear acrylic substrate. Polished edges. Includes wall hanging hardware. Manually numbered, signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Wow! click and visit for more framing options.

Rock Art Mandala 9812 Acyrlic Print

Saturday Sales Summary Smile: Boston, MA photo collage coffee mug

Health wise, it’s been one heck of a year for me. What was hoped to be a routine partial removal of an enlarged right thyroid turned into a diagnosis of follicular cancer. Ninety days later, I’m still recovering and am in pain management therapy which is why, after 11 years of opening a shop on Cafepress.com it remains such a thrill to continue seeing emails popping into my Inbox saying “You’ve made a sale! Way to go!” 🙂

Thank you to my customer in Massachusetts for your multiple purchases. So glad the collage spoke to you.

Boston, MA Photo Collage by Celeste Sheffey Large

Stylishly patterned sports bras

Stylishly patterned sports bras that can be customized with your favorite colors. I have a free account with print all over me to design a variety of fashion wear and home decor items. This week features a few of my colorfully patterned sports bras paired with a few sports items shown in my Polyvore collage.

The prints chosen were based on the black elastic part of the bra. All of the patterns incorporate black to complement the elastic bottom of each bra.

Share your favorite colors below and let’s design a sports bra for you!

placing cusgtomized designs on white sports bra
Designing a customized patterned sports bra.
Khoncepts stylist sports bras
Stylishly colorful sports bras


Fashion Friday: Easy Boho Look for Mom

Currently, I’m recovering from major surgery and am finding it very difficult for a variety of reasons to concentrate so it’s been a nice change of pace revisiting using Polyvore’s collage set-ups, mostly while in bed using my iPad. Sharing this boldly colorful black, white and red design for those fashionistas that enjoy easy, fluid, fashion wear. Mom will also love the matching “Mom” items, all packaged in a stylish gift bag for her.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can be up and out again as this would be my outfit. 🙂

Easy Boho dress style for Mom!
Khoncepts Black Boho style dress for Mom


Fashion Friday: Love affair with black, white and red striped fashion accessories and home decor

It’s very exciting to be able to create and personalize a variety of fashion accessories and home decor items. Striped patterns are a favorite of mine. Nice clean lines incorporation any color combinations that make bring joy to your world. Each item listed below is linked to one of my shops. My current favorite items are the ballet shoes and umbrellas.

What are your favorite color combos? Let us know below. 🙂

Khoncepts loves black, white and red stripes!
Elegantly bold black, white and red striped home decor and fashion accessories