Wearable Wednesday – Rock Art as Fashion Wear – Khoncepts on Artsadd

Khoncepts Alexandria Rocks 5130 

Beautiful colors provided by nature. A photograph of wet rocks on a beach in Alexandria, Virginia translated into this stunning shades of mosaic browns fashion wear and accessories in my Artsadd shop.

Click of the images below to view in my shop or contact me below with your favorite photo and let’s create something fashionable for you.



Cheerful rainy day Red, Orange and Yellow Oils 7365

Cheerful rainy day Red, Orange and Yellow Oils 7365 by khoncepts 

Umbrellas are a wonderfully inexpensive way to bring a bit of color on a rainy or snowy day. The umbrellas come in three sizes,  the smallest fits in your purse or backpack. Pair it with a matching travel mug!


Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Flip Flops and Swimwear Ideas for Her

flip flops with matching swimsuits

Customized flip flops with matching bathing suits and even beach towels Visit three of my online shops to see additional design prints!

Or send me your favorite colors and let’s create a few samples for you.

Thank you!


Wearable Wednesday – Khoncepts Raincoat Designs with matching umbrellas

 It’s been a slow journey not exactly leaving my black wardrobe in the closet but I am adding more colorful attire such as coats and umbrellas. Creating this post helped me to finally coordinate raincoats from my PAOM shop with umbrellas with my Artsadd online store.

Fashion Friday – Khoncepts Hot Pink Rainy Day Umbrella designs

Khoncepts Hot Pink Rainy Day Gear by khoncepts featuring folding umbrellas

Hot pink designed umbrellas are cheerful rainy or snowy day fashion accessories. Umbrellas can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to update your fashion wardrobe especially if the patterns are your favorite colors. Contact me and let’s see what can be designed for you.

Travel Tuesday – Khoncepts customized luggage and matching tote bags

Khoncepts Customized Luggage and tote bags

Imagine spotting your luggage bag the moment it comes onto the airport carousel. Pair it with a matching tote bag and you’re all set for a stylishly casual trip.


Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles for February 2018

Khoncepts Sales Summary Smiles for February 2018 

Going against the conventional norm of “finding a niche” has been working well for me as deciding between, travel and abstract art would be impossible.

Happily, my customers agree!  Thank you all so much for enjoying my online shops and choosing to make your purchases with me. Items above have their links below.

CafePress Shop

Beautiful graphic art inspired by a broken necklace

Coral Beads Paint Splatter 5050 using a broken necklace transforming it into these lively paint splatter designed home decor, fashion wear, baby decor and gift packagingA broken necklace creates beautiful abstract art

Creating art using a broken necklace as featured below with one of the new patterns.

Coral Beads Paint Splatter 5050 home decor


Monthly Sales Summary Smiles for January 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year 2018!

So excited that my customers not only are enjoying my travel images  but have also included home decor gifts and fashion wear designs. Yippee and thank you! 🙂

Monthly Summary Sales for January 2018



White legging
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Green pants
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Stripe purse
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Stripe purse

St. Thomas Photo Collage Postcard
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Pink home decor

Colorful coffee mug
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Black white bathroom accessory
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Black white bathroom accessory
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Purple Smiley face